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Colorful Sand Coated Iron Roof Tile Making Machine


Product: Colorful Sand Coated Iron Roof Tile Making Machine 

Summary of Colorful Sand Coated Steel Roof Tile Forming Machine as follows:

Color Stone coated roof tile sheet is formed by 0.4mm Al-Zn plating panel and color stones. It is modern,environmental and nice appearance. colorful coated metal roof tile is a new advanced roof material which adopt the high and new technology,use the non-corrosibility al-zin steel as the basic plate,use the acrylic resin which has the good weather resistance as the adhesives,use the colorful natural sandy gravel as the surface.Because of its nice appearance,lightweight,durable and environmental,it is becoming the major product in the international roof materials in recent years, and it is also used in the high-grade building in domestic,it is enjoying a great popularity all over the world.

Machine Components of Colorful Sand Coated Iron Roof Tile Machine produced by Wuxi Techwell:

  • Steel Roof Tile Molding Machine  1 unit
  • Automatic Bottom Glue Spraying Device   1 unit
  • Automatic Sandblasting Room   1 unit
  • First Drying Room  1 unit
  • Automatic Surface Glue Spraying Device   1 unit
  • Second Drying Room Equipment   1 unit
  • Runout Table 1 unit

 Video Link of Colorful Sand Coated Steel Roof Tile Forming Machine As Follows 



colorful stone chip coated iron roof tile machine

colorful stone chip coated roofing tile making machine

Color stone coated metal roof tile making machine

color stone coated metal roof tile machine

color stone coated steel roof tile making machine

color stone coated steel roof tile machine


colorful sand coated iron roof tile making machine

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